Detailed analytical service for TikTok profiles

Analyze your profile, track hashtags and audios and trace the accounts of your competitors.

Does not require account password!

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Detailed analytics

Analyze any TikTok profile

Such key data as growth of subscribers, involvement of postes, general amount of reactions and other indicators will help you to create and precisely adjust your content strategy in TikTok.
Exact data
While other TikTok analytical services display only approximate numbers, we provide only exact data that are available in public TikTok accounts.
Download CSV
Download all the TikTok accounts data in CSV extension. There are also available for downloading all the chart data of accounts' video content as well hashtag data.
More than 30 metrics for analysis
Growth of subscribers, involvement (ERV) all hashtags and audio, duration of videos, amount of uploads, views, likes, comments, shares, mentions of other accounts, text search by videos and 6 ways of content filtration.
Follow trends around the world
Watch trends and challenges from 8 countries of the world, add to favorites, track the number of views and videos for each trend every hour in a regular display.
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Hourly updates

Challenges monitoring

Keep track of any kinds of challenges

Starting your own challenge? Or want to follow popular trends? Our service will help you with that. Chart of increasing views, detailed analysis of of the best 100 videos, hashtag cloud and dynamic comparisons are at your service.

Content analysis

More detailed than TikTok analytics

Want to know everything about everyone? TikLog provides the most comprehensive information about TikTok users' content including deleted videos, duration and amount of uploads as well as charts of these data correlations.
Deleted Videos
Find out how much TikTok users hide from you using our service which provides the data about deleted videos of other users. Simply add an account to get all detailed information about it.
Historical data
Based on previous data about video, determine perfect content for your profile. Increase the involvement by publishing video in a better format which your audience likes more.
Competitor monitoring
Compare your account data with your competitors, monitor dynamics of changes. Estimate your ideas by using the experience of other users, this will help you to avoid mistakes.
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Technical questionsDmitry Sergeev[email protected]@sergeevdms
No. To analyze any TikTok account you need only add it indicating its username.
[Likes + Comments + Sharing] ÷ [Number of views] x 100
We update statistics once in 24 hours. You can always see the time of the last update on top of the page.
No. For trial period banking card details are not required.
You can use our telegram bot or use our separate page
Forever. Exception is the users who haven't used their accounts for over 30 days. We deactivate such accounts to avoid unnecessary scans.
Statistics on subscribers starts gathering after adding an account. As soon as you add your account, we start gathering your subscribers' number daily. We do not have the history on your account before it's added to TikLog.
Send us an email to [email protected]. For a quicker response text to our telegram.
That means your account was not yet fully analyzed by our program. Normally the whole analysis process takes from 1 to 10 minutes. If after 120 minutes your statistics was not updated, text us to [email protected].
Email us to [email protected]. Please describe the problem in details and attach screenshots. For a quicker response text us in telegram.
Email us to [email protected]. Please describe the problem in details and attach screenshots. For a quicker response text us in telegram.